Saturday, April 2, 2016

Jem Doll Burrito

I haven't found time to finish the dress for my Hasbro Jem doll, so I thought that if I posted my progress report here, I'd feel motivated to continue working on the dress.

Look a pink doll burrito! With pins all over it!

I thought I could make a simple dress for Jem that looks like this:

This is the Integrity Toys Jem doll, by the way.


Jem didn't come with her hands when I thrifted her, so I cut off some fake Betty Teen biking doll's hands and inserted it through her arms. The fit of the pegs I carved was not good so I wrapped masking tape around them to make the pegs thicker, et voila, her new hands are now secure. But they are forever in the biking position, haha. Hasbro Jem was designed to hold a microphone though, so maybe this might work. I added a bracelet on her left wrist, by the way. I don't know if I want to paint her new hands to match the rest of her body, or paint them a different colour to make them look like gloves. Hmm..

For the shoes, since Hasbro Jem is such a big girl, she can fit into bootleg Ken loafers. I plan to paint those purple (magenta?) with glitter to match her new outfit.

I want to add that I like Hasbro Jem's moulded collarbone. Doll makers tend to forget that humans have a clavicle because their focus tends to be the area placed much lower than the clavicle, which is kinda sad.

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