Thursday, April 28, 2016

Paper Craft Museum seals

I was at UP Town Center early this month and spotted a revamped FujiFilm store. It is now called Wonder Photo Shop, and as far as I've read, the decision to bring over this photo shop concept from Japan to the Philippines was derived from the need to attract millenials that are very much into smart phones and social media. The shop wants to turn photo printing into a fun experience for their customers, thus the addition of a selfie studio and DIY printing station. My critique about this is that the concept of purikura in the country has been forgotten over the years. It would be a fun feature for customers to be able to take photos in a booth and edit them with digital pens and stamps. Purikura provides a very interactive experience for users and I think it would attract people to come inside the shop and take such photos.

Anyway, I stepped inside the photo shop and browsed their scrapbooking section, which is another feature of Wonder Photo Shop that revitalises Fuji's photo printing business. I looked around and saw these paper seals called Paper Craft Museum. When you think of seals, you think of stuff that joins two things to keep them together, or some kind of badge that gets printed on paper to signify approval. Seals in Japan, it seems, mean something else: it's another term for stickers.

From, page 2

Paper Craft Museum has these miniature paper seals that I thought would be good for dolls or doll photography. Have a look at these photos I lifted from a Rakuten shop:

This is a three-pack of a miniature boxed package shipped via courier. 

Look at those small details! The stamp, the written address, the warning sign... and the paper twine gives the box a nice touch.

Inside the box you can write a short message on the card insert.

A three-pack of small notebooks! 

"Massage." Engrish even comes in a small size.

When you lift the notebook open, you can write on its page. There's even a tiny bookmark in it, too.

A four-pack of cards with their own tiny letter seals!

Nicely done!

Inside, there is paper on which you can write a short message.

A pack of miniature postal envelopes with mini stationeries and seals!

It looks so life-like!

And this photo of these miniature composition notebooks is from another shop:

I'm not so fond of that typewriter seal because it's just flat and not 3D like the shipping box above. The notebooks, on the other hand, are really cool...

There are lined pages in the notebooks!

Here is another kind of seal from another website that I think would look nice for photography, but I doubt that it can be worn by dolls.

Sunglasses! I didn't find these at Wonder Photo Shop, sadly.

That vintage looking sunglasses seal would look good on a doll table or vanity, not worn by a doll like these blank nesting dolls.

They are really cute as doll props. If you don't have the time to make paper crafts like this, buying them would be very convenient. I particularly like the miniature box the most.


  1. Those sunglasses and miniature boxes are really cute!