Monday, April 25, 2016

My Celebrity Dolls

In my previous post about playing doll bingo, I wrote that I have no dolls made in the likeness of real people. Well, now I do, but I didn't acquire these dolls because of that bingo game, no. It just happened.

Last year, the seller at Vivo Citi had two Olsen dolls and they were selling them to me at P400 each. I couldn't afford them.

Recently an online seller put up things they were letting go and one of them is a Mary-Kate Olsen doll. She was very cheap at P50, but the shipping cost set me back at P100. When I think about it though, it would cost me just as much if I opted for a meet-up instead, so it was a deal.

When I received her, I was very surprised because Mary-Kate is actually much taller than Licca. Too bad I didn't make a comparison, but maybe next time when they get together for a photograph.

She can fit into this Daiso room dress. Her feet are not as arched as Barbie's so it's quite tricky to give her shoes.

I also noticed that her makeup is a shade of brown which I thought is odd because it looks faint or dull. I tried identifying her then and found out that she's a Super Spa Day doll. Oh! Here's a commercial of it:

It turns out that her makeup and nails on her hands and feet change colour when you apply cold water to the doll. That is interesting, because I used to have a similar doll like that. I didn't have very cold water in the fridge, but there is ice accumulating on the walls of the freezer, so I scraped some and put it on her face, hands and feet. It kinda works, I saw the colour change somehow into a darker shade of brown, but I think the colour change would look better on Ashley, the other Olsen doll, because her lips are closed and the colour looks more solid with her lips like that.

Also if you notice, the Super Spa Day dolls are wearing slippers. I have a similar pair of clone slippers like that from a cheap shoe pack, so I think I found footwear for Mary-Kate, finally.

I also found a Justin Bieber doll at the thrift store! He's part of my wish list so I am glad I got him. He has articulation in the neck (side-to-side), shoulders, elbows, legs, knees, and ankles. His joints are pretty tight so I am pleased.

His body is stained though but the stains remind me of tattoos. I could pretend they really are tattoos because the real Justin has some on his arms.

Looking like bruises.

It was difficult to dress him up as I do not have a lot of male doll clothing. But I have this mini t-shirt I found in our garage a while back. It's the kind that gets printed on with logos and stuff, and I hung on to it hoping I would find it useful someday. I sure did. When I put it on him, the length seems to be all right, but the width is too much for his built, so I used a safety pin to secure the fold on his shirt at the back.

His shorts do not fit him well because it just ends above his crotch. It's the pair of shorts I got from a teddy bear. His shoes are mismatched Ken clone shoes, bah. I'd probably get him better Ken clone shoes.


  1. If you used acne cream on those stains on Justin you could probably get them off. Or at least get them a lot lighter if you wanted to. Have you ever done that before?

    1. I have tried it before, but I haven't done so on Justin. It takes a long time but the cream does lift off stains little by little. Perhaps the cream I'm using right now is not that potent for removing stains? I have no idea, but I was recommended this brand called Benzac. It's quite pricey though for a small tube so I'm a little bit discouraged into buying one. I don't have acne, and I don't really put on cream when I break out, so getting a tube with this price for doll maintenance seems impractical for me.

      Thank you for visiting!

    2. With acne cream the important thing is the active ingredient, benzoyl peroxide 10%. I use the cheapest stuff I can find and have had decent success. It can take a while depending on how dark the stain is and how old the stain is. It works best if you place the doll in direct sunlight after applying it and leave it there for the day. Sunlight can fade paint, so I usually just stick a hand towel over the doll's face to block out the sunlight. Some stains will take a long time to go away, but usually you see some improvement pretty quickly.

    3. Thank you. Justin has a stain on his nose so I applied some cream there. Then I covered his eyes because if that part of his faceup ever fades, I can't repair it.