Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Thrifting Haul, and G.I.R.L. Force [something] So Wild Creanna doll

The other day, I thrifted more toys.

More 7-11 Paddington bears, and a doll! I got the doll for P75, then the bears for P24 each, for a total of P147.

I learned that this is a Pretty Cure Splash Star doll. She's called Cure Bloom.  Her original hairstyle is somewhat still in place, but without her magical girl outfit, this looks ridiculous. I just tied her hair a little at the back of her head so that this part of her hair would lay flat.

I've always wanted an anime doll of this size. She's my second anime doll, and also my second Pretty Cure doll. She and Cure Black should meet some time!

My bears here are wearing interesting jackets. I am more interested in their clothing than the actual bears, haha. Here's Barcelona, Spain.

New York.

Shanghai, China.

And Rome. Cure Bloom was wearing this jacket when I found her.

These jackets look good on my Monster High dolls. The colours and design look suitable on them, so that's why I try to collect Paddington's clothes. Paddington's hats really fit their heads well, too. I didn't get the London bear though because I thought the design looks bland. 

So far, I have six jackets out of nine in the series above.

I'm curious about this though, because it seems to be a different set. I want to get the purple Paris bear!!

From this set, I only have two: the red plaid jacket and the green jacket. I would like to have that yellow raincoat. It reminds me of Muddy Puddles Lottie!

My online purchase also arrived on the same day I thrifted. Yes!

It's G.I.R.L. Force [something] So Wild Creanna! Her hair is much shorter here but I do not mind. She came in a Barbie dress, a freebie the online seller gave me due to the delay of the shipment of this doll.

Here is Creanna nude. Look at those curves! Look at her breasts! Look at her belly! Look at her thighs!

She has limited poses but when I get her to pose, she's wonderful.

I got her because I thought she could be a great swimsuit model. These photo stories (1 | 2) further proved my theory.

Cure Bloom looks puny next to Creanna.

Her collarbone!!!

It's difficult to dress her up because she's such a big girl, but I'll come up with something. The bikini top my spare Barbie TNT body is using in this post is on her now, and just as I thought it fits her well. I am thinking of making swimsuits for her. Exciting!


  1. Nice doll! I liked the curves! Congrats on your new babies!

    1. Thank you, Ms. 2D! I like Creanna, despite the lack of articulation, her body looks really good.

  2. do you have a facebook profile? do you trade dolls? if you're into sailor moon dolls, i might have some that you might want to purchase or trade. just look for martin dean aragon. you can also pm me :)