Saturday, April 2, 2016

Birthday Reroot

It's my birthday today. Not really that eventful because I'm cash-strapped at the moment and I don't feel like celebrating when I'm worried. But my brother is taking me out to lunch, so yay, I guess.

Anyway, before I leave the house, I started working on my bootleg Snow White doll's hair. I must admit, I really don't like rerooting that much because it takes a lot of effort and patience, but I thought she really needs new hair. 

My messy table at the moment. If you could see it, there's a dog brush on the table. That's what I use now for brushing doll hair because it works like magic. Thank you for the idea, Denisa! The brush came from my sister, together with a dog nail clipper, which I plan to use when cutting wooden dowels.

I painted Snow White's head with black nail polish. Just one coat so that I could still squish the head while rerooting. Then I am using this dark brown/black hair extension I found at the department store months ago. My replacement hair isn't the greatest, but I think it is much better than the original hair my doll had.

/After putting more plugs, the nail polish started flaking off. Messy, but it didn't do any harm to my doll. I shall use black acrylic paint later.

I had to cut off the eye of a new needle again because I misplaced the one I've used before, ugh. Poor toenail nipper. I used it to cut off the eye and ruined the blade in the process, but it's an old rusting one, so that's okay. I have a crafting knife so I switch the blade with the modified needle, for my makeshift rerooting tool.

I have just inserted three hair plugs. I'll get back to this later.

Snow White's head is temporarily perched on a spindle, the same one I used when I needed a stand for my Novi Stars Ari Roma doll.  I thought that maybe gravity could somehow help with the hair situation because her new hair is not yet flat on her head.

I hope I can finish her hair soon.


  1. Belated Happy Birthday Jamie!! May you have all the dolls you wished for! Enjoy girl!

    So how is snow white?

    1. Thank you, Ms. 2D! I am still not done with Snow White. I've only added a few more hair plugs on Snow White, then I cleaned up my desk and put her back on my shelf. I will get back to her soon!