Thursday, March 31, 2016

Saving Frankie

I thrifted a broken Frankie Stein doll and it's supposed to look like this brand new:

It's the Classroom play set doll. I found her wearing her spare dress, which is cool because I don't have a lot of Monster High clothing.

Unfortunately, Frankie's former owner, a person named "Angel F." cut her hair in some places so I couldn't style her hair this way. Also Angel F. branded Frankie with her name using a black marker. This is the reason I know the owner's name. The marker ink stained her moulded underwear and I couldn't get the stain off with nail polish remover for some odd reason, but that's okay.

Anyway, I just settled with saving what I could. I decided to give Frankie some kind of hime cut. I didn't want her hair to go really short so I just trimmed her hair on both sides of her face.

I tied the rest of her hair in a ponytail. Ugh bald spots ahoy. I'll probably cover those with a ribbon tied around her head like a hair band. 

Her hair resembles Picture Day Frankie, doesn't it?

I dressed my doll in a Daiso kimono because the Bratz clothing I thrifted are still drying. But I also thought of using the kimono on her because of the semi-hime cut I gave her.

She has no arms now. Actually she did have one forearm but I donated it to my School's Out Frankie, which is actually my favourite Frankie out of the three I have. And some body swapping revealed that Classroom play set Frankie has severe glue head. A chunk of glue fell out when I removed her head from her body. Eww. It took a while for me to remove the stickiness from my hands, which reminds of the time I rerooted Draculaura. It was such a sticky mess inside that pink head.

Despite the hair situation, I still adore this Frankie. In fact, Frankie is one of my favourite Monster High dolls ever because her design most of the time is fantastic. I actually found another Frankie before at the thrift store, a Sweet 1600 doll, but I didn't get her. I think I didn't because of her unruly tinsel hair. In retrospect, I hope I did get her, then I could have taken out her tinsel hair with a tweezer.

The only Frankie I don't like so far would have to be the Ghouls Alive doll because Frankie looks so vacant there. Just. nope.

To date, I think I have three Frankies, three Draculauras, four Clawdeens, two Lagoonas, and a bunch of other Monster High dolls. I don't mind getting more Frankies, but I'll probably stop with Draculaura. Clawdeen, I don't know... She's so pretty though. I love Clawdeen with purple and/or green hair. She looks so fierce in those colours. 

By the way, the title of this entry, "Saving Frankie", is based on the Monster High movie Freaky Fusion, which is Frankie-centric. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I enjoyed it so much because of what Frankie did in the near end of the movie.

I haven't taken photos of my Deuce Gorgon yet. He's actually wearing the same kimono Frankie is wearing now, haha. I don't have a lot of clothing option for male dolls, you see.

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