Thursday, March 3, 2016

MILPOM★ Episodes 1-3

I totally forgot to write about MILPOM★'s first three episodes, the third one being released today. They're very enjoyable to watch, I must say.

MILPOM★'s first episode is called "パンプキンパイっていいにくいよね!" which roughly translates to "'Pumpkin pie' is hard to say."

It was the halloween episode, and I enjoyed how realistic girl hate can be among friends. It emanates the most from Silky, but she can be very subtle about it because of her soft voice and demeanour. Milpom can be quite an airhead so she doesn't notice Silky's innuendos, or maybe she does but she doesn't let it get to her. Cacao, the newest character at the time, is the intelligent one in the group, but gets dismissed at times for being just that because her geeking out to history or general information bores the other girls.

Milpom while holding a pumpkin: PAPI PAPI RIKA RIKA PAPRIKA, DI CAPRIO. I don't know why Milpom associated Leonardo DiCaprio to a paprika, but it was so random that I laughed.

MILPOM★'s second episode is called "七面鳥ってどんな鳥かよくわかんないよね!" which translates to "What kind of bird is a turkey anyway?"

The girls are back together, with the newest character Happy in tow, in a nail salon. Happy seems to be very optimistic but Silky is there to shoot her and Milpom down. We also get to hear a lot of Cacao's thoughts. She can pretty much figure out what Silky and the other girls are not saying or about to say.

Cacao does resemble the actress that plays her, mainly because of her bangs.

MILPOM★'s third episode is called "好きになった人がタイプですってそれ都市伝説だよね?" or "Your type is up to who you fall for. Is that an urban legend?"

We can see here how the girls react when they encounter boys at Milpom's workplace. I noticed that Milpom's wearing her costume most of the time. As Cacao has mentioned, these costumes are like makeup and dresses to them, and the girls use it when they want to be presentable. It just makes sense that Milpom wears it at work as well because she has to be presentable when she works. 

Cacao has a comment about having a farm field in Tokyo. I think it's true that you have to be really rich to own a farmland in the middle of Tokyo because space there is limited and very expensive. 

These episodes are making me want to copy their mascot heads for my dolls. I'll put it on my list of things I wish I could do, haha.

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