Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Photo Dump! [Part 9]

I saw a display of Japan-related knick-knacks at a restaurant franchise called Dohtonbori.

Vintage stuff, I guess.

The usual Japanese style food display shelf. Look at those origami tanuki on the upper right part of the shelf!

A big Daruma, displayed on its own. I want to have a big Daruma like this but I have no place to store it, too bad! I can only collect small ones.

Geisha dolls. Man, I used to have one, but I was too young to appreciate it, so I wasn't able to take care of it very well and preserve it. That's one of my regrets. It was a gift from my father's Japanese colleague.

Some random toys I managed to photograph before I transported them to my new place:

A small astronaut figure from a Chupachups blind capsule. I had to assemble it and add the sticker.

A bootleg Loki mini figure which I was supposed to give to a friend. But we're not friends anymore, so this toy isn't going anywhere.

A McDonald's Super Mario toy. I thrifted the Mario figure and the stand on separate occasions.

Vintage style Goofy and Mickey Mouse gashapon figures. They both have five points of articulation (neck, shoulders, legs).

Took these photos years ago. I think these are terrifying.

The first one is a Kokey doll from a defunct Filipino TV show, and the pink faced doll is his companion. Creepy!

Dolls from my aunt's estate. These came with the Marin Chiclana dolls I photographed previously.

Look into my eyes...

Months ago, when I was still new to doll collecting, I checked out the Monster High shelf at a department store and was just floored by seeing the Werecat twins.

Very expensive dolls even with the discount.

Some of the dolls on sale at the time. Ghoul Spirit Venus McFlytrap is so pretty!

Creepateria Howleen Wolf and Ghoul Spirit Spectra Vondergeist, aka Queen of Perpetual Cheek Bones.

Zombie Shake Rochelle Goy and Venus McFlytrap. I'm not feeling Venus here even though I like zombie dolls.

A random Barbie I Can Be fashion pack on sale. It's cool, but I don't need to buy new Barbie stuff.

I still would like a Mars space suit pack though.

Gloom and Bloom Venus McFlytrap. Pretty sure she was the one that opened my eyes to Monster High.

At first, I really couldn't understand the appeal of Monster High, and how people manage to figure out which doll came from which line when there are TONS of Monster High dolls in the market. Venus here, however, changed my opinion on Monster High dolls. Her dress for Gloom and Bloom somehow brought me to the "dark side". I thought it's a pretty neat looking cocktail dress that I could totally imagine being worn in the real world. And that's how I decided to immerse myself more into the Monster High universe.


  1. The vintage style goofy and mickey are cute.

    1. They can stand up very well too!