Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Because I Sold a Coin Collection...

I sold an old coin collection, and was feeling lucky and blessed so I went thrifting afterwards.

I got this whole lot plus a Chick-fil-A antenna topper (not in photo) for around P570.

A broken Mattel Frozen Anna doll.

The face is in good condition. I actually like this face sculpt, that I bought bootleg dolls of this sculpt before. I'll definitely make a face comparison post later on.

Her legs are not made of vinyl but hard plastic, so it seems that the leg really broke off due to force. I mean, this clean cut would never happen on soft vinyl unless it was cut using a circular saw, but why would you do that anyway???!

At first I thought of making a left leg for Anna, but I figured that I don't like her sculpted top so I'm just going to transplant her head on the Liv doll body from this lot. Her old body would be kept in my stash of spare parts.

A broken Monster High 13 Wishes Draculaura doll. I don't really like tinsel on hair but I prefer to keep her hair with it.

Stained face and arm, missing left arm and hands. No big deal.

A broken Monster High School's Out Frankie Stein. Oh she's beautiful. I love her long hair, and it looks better now because I conditioned and combed it.

I completed her legs by transplanting a Cleo de Nile left leg to her. I stabbed my finger in the process, haha.

A Barbie Fashionistas Swappin Styles doll. The hair on the doll was cut off, and her knees are a bit busted, but still functional.

The knee joints are still tight so it's not a big problem at all! I don't know if hot water could help me fix the knees. I'll think about it... It's not a priority for me, anyway.

Her curls were cut off. WHY! I don't get why someone would do that. Her curls were pretty.

I used her body for my Barbie Candy Glam doll. The head will be put aside. Summer's skin tone matches the Fashionistas body.

A La Dee Da City Girl Dee shoe. It's perfect for my one-legged Tylie (as Cotton Candy Crush).

I hope it stays on her foot. I've read about La Dee Da shoes falling off despite the ankle strap being there.

A Liv Sophie doll. She's in good condition and has lovely green eyes and nude lips. I gave her body to Anna. This also made me use the other Liv doll I have for a Mattel Rapunzel head. Both Anna and Rapunzel's skin tone match Sophie's so that's even better. I had a blast with these body transplants because Anna and Rapunzel can play sisters now. I mean, look:

I love this video! I'll take photos of Anna and Rapunzel together next time.

A miWorld Shop Girl doll. I found a blonde miWorld doll last year but her ponytail is missing so I decided not to get it. So I'm glad I found another miWorld doll.

Her apron comes off. I thought that it was a cape at first, haha.

Her shoes come off too. She has pegged feet, but the left and right shoes can't be interchanged because one peg is thicker than the other.

A Barbie Kelly/Chelsea doll with painted on swimsuit.

I don't collect Kelly/Chelsea dolls, so off with her head! I did wash her hair though before I kept it in my stash of doll parts.

She has a round neck knob.

I tried Kelly's head on the miWorld body. The head doesn't fit the thin neck knob, but the temporary transplant creates a cartoonish look.

The Chick-fil-A antenna topper that's included in my doll haul. It's made of sturdy vinyl which is great. I just want the cow and not the sign.

I cut out the cow from the figure using a craft knife.

This might work? I wanted to use the cow's hooves, but it doesn't fit Kelly's hands so they're going to have to come off.

Ah better.

I used Faber-Castell tack-it to secure the cow head to the neck.

Why did I even do this? Well, I was inspired by Peteena the poodle in a bikini so I thought as a gag, I'd make a similar doll. I now call my cow-human doll Cattleena the cow in a swimsuit, haha. 

I tried the head on a regular sized Barbie and it fits, but the size of the cow head is the wrong scale for Barbie's size. It might work on a Skipper body, I think.

Hope I can make similar Peteena fashion clothes for Cattleena.

/For comparison, I put together my photo and a photo of Peteena that I found online:


  1. I just discovered your blog. What you did with that cow head made me laugh! How creative!

  2. I don't know if I'm right but I though that Sophie is the one with blue eyes and Katie is the one with green eyes, but that doesn't cares, I am loving your blog it's so cool and full of informations about toys

    1. Oh!! I remember Sophie has blue eyes, but my second Liv doll has green eyes. She might be Hayden? I am not familiar with all Liv characters. :-/ But I removed their heads and gave their bodies to my other dolls now so it's not that important anymore, I guess. Thank you for visiting!!