Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Licca's Papa doll - Pierre

When I shared to my friend that I've already bought a bootleg Justin Bieber doll for her son, I started looking more into male fashion dolls. My doll thrifting wish list has now expanded to boy dolls such as Wataru-kun by Takara, vintage Allan by Mattel (haha, I wish), Aaron Carter and Justin Bieber. I was also interested in getting an adult male Takara doll. This is what I received from an online seller today:

This is Licca-chan's Papa, Pierre Miramonde. He is of French descent and a musician! He also goes by the name Pierre Kayama: Kayama being Licca's mother's surname. Pierre likes his wife's surname so much that he uses it as his own. That's probably why Licca also uses Kayama as her surname and not Miramonde.

I stripped him of his clothes so I could inspect if he has any flaws in his body. His legs are kind of bent but I could probably straighten them because his legs are quite rubbery.

That satin underwear...

He can bend his legs while sitting down!

His arms are spaghetti-like. He can't hold this pose without me tucking his hands just behind his ears. His right arm is quite limp compared to the left one, but that's fine by me.

Do you want some flat noodles?

His legs seem to take bending just fine, but I don't know up to what extent.

The back of his knees has creases though. I hope bending the legs doesn't damage this part at all.

Here is Pierre with his original clothing:

I think I got his stock pants and shoes. His blazer and top are missing, but that's OK.

Here is Pierre with his daughter, Licca-chan. I didn't know that Licca is actually a hafu, and can't believe that she is so well-accepted in Japanese culture despite the fact.

I don't think I'll be getting the rest of Licca's family because it isn't my priority right now. Besides I have Jenny and Mimi that could stand as Licca's other family members when the need arises, which is probably never, haha. And of course, I have a Licca doll, too.

Now my male fashion doll count is up to 4: Hunter Huntsman, Harry Potter, Deuce Gorgon (which I have yet to blog about), and Pierre Miramonde. Note that this total only includes my fashion dolls. This number excludes my other male toy figures.

/I read up on Pierre some more. Apparently he was hailed as Ikumen of the Year 2014. Ikumen is a slang Japanese term for men who raise their children hands-on. In this case, Pierre actively raises Licca and her siblings: a set of twins, and another set of triplets! Six children, whoa! There are photos here. The article is posted by Oricon and it's in Japanese, but you could check out the photos of the Kayama family. It's pretty cool. Oh, on that note, don't be surprised at the Kayama family being in a tub together because it's a custom in Japan for families to bathe like this in an ofuro.


  1. Wow Pierre is good looking in that outfit!

    1. His stock clothing looks OK, very fitting for an adult doll. I wish I could make clothes for him. I don't have to worry about the shoes, yay!

  2. Pierre needs a better wardrobe...and that satin underwear...LOL!

    1. His red top is in bad shape because it's missing buttons, and the thread securing the hidden snap buttons is coming loose. Yup, he needs a better wardrobe. Hope I could sew something decent for him.