Saturday, March 19, 2016

Justin Bieber bootleg doll

I found this bootleg doll on sale for P100. It's for my friend's son.

Her son is getting envious of her mom's growing thrifted Barbie doll collection so he wanted a boy doll of his own, a Justin Bieber doll, but my friend couldn't afford the real thing. Then I remember I know where I could get a bootleg doll, so here it is.

The doll body is hollow plastic. And I don't know if it has at least 5 points of articulation.

I looked close enough without opening the box. I saw the left leg has extra plastic. I advised my friend to just trim that excess plastic when she gets it.

I haven't found a good photo of the authentic Justin Bieber doll face to compare with this photo, but I think the hair of this bootleg is much lighter. Oh and I did find a Justin Bieber doll at the thrift store once but I let it go. 

Speaking of boy dolls, there was a bazaar at the Philippine Heart Center years ago, and I definitely saw two Aaron Carter dolls still in their box. I didn't buy them because I wasn't collecting dolls yet, but in retrospect, I wish I did buy at least one. And if I have a Hilary Duff doll (which by the way looks like Mariah Carey), they could be childhood sweethearts. Haha.

Posting this link because I think it's a bit funny: 

/My friend finally got the doll. This is JB out of the box.

A face comparison I made using my friend's photo, and this photo:

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