Sunday, March 27, 2016

New Monster High dolls in the Philippines: Great Scarrier Reef, Brand Boo Students, Ghouls' Getaway etc.

Long title, I know. But yeah, I've seen these Monster High dolls at Toy Kingdom already:

Great Scarrier Reef
Brand Boo Students
Ghouls' Getaway
and the budget dolls, which by the way aren't even budget dolls because they're so expensive! P1,299 for a doll that has no articulation in the elbows. Womp womp!

Sorry, no photos taken from the toy store at the moment. I'm just too tired to transfer my photos from phone to computer, sigh. That's because I was at Manila Ocean Park for like, 5 hours, so I'm just exhausted to exert effort into that right now. (I even spotted some cheap dolls there, too. That's for a later time!)

For Great Scarrier Reef, I think Posea Reef and Kala Mer'ri look good. I need some time getting used to Pearl and Peri Serpentine because of the two heads, haha!

Brand Boo Students... I just have a soft spot for Kjersti Trollson. She's so cute and tiny! And her face sculpt is just so pretty!

Ghouls' Getaway... Sadly I have no favourite between the four dolls. I thought I really liked Spectra Vondergeist as she appeared in the stock photos, but no, not anymore. It's not the doll though. It's me. Her Ghouls' Getaway doll is just not my preference anymore.

The budget dolls. Wow. Frankie Stein is still the best among the bunch. Her hair is gore-geous! I love her straight hair with blue streaks.

Speaking of Monster High dolls, omg I found a Deuce Gorgon doll at the thrift store! His left arm and hand are missing, but that's OK! I'm not letting this Deuce go anymore. I once did, during my early days of doll thrifting because the one I found was severely broken. This one I found recently is salvageable though. I need boy doll clothing now. And shoes! I think Deuce's feet are bigger than Ken's.

I'll post more about Deuce after I clean him up and take photos of him!

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