Friday, March 11, 2016

Disney Store Zootopia Singing Gazelle doll

So I've been really curious about this doll, the Gazelle doll from Disney's Zootopia:

She's an odd looking doll, isn't she? Here is her face up close, thanks to the Disney Store:

When I saw reviews of the doll though, my curiosity has been satisfied:

I noticed her red top keeps moving around. It's not a good fit, I guess. :-/

Anyway, so this is the doll, and it's sold at $24.95. I haven't seen Zootopia yet, but I've seen a clip and it's pretty funny.

I mean, look for this face in the clip! It's funny how this sloth's reaction came to be. It took a while, but... sloth. There you go.

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