Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Novi Stars Una Verse

The other day I found a nude Novi Stars Una Verse, another alien doll. I didn't take a before photo because I was so concerned about her scraggly hair. I spent quite a while combing through the nasty knots of her hair. The frizz is just so bad that I had to trim an inch of it. She was also missing her left arm, but that's fine with me.

Una is supposed to look like this brand new:

She actually has water inside her and if you flip her upside down, the orange glitter that settles in her calves should flow to her thighs.

She's perpetually standing up because she doesn't have knee or hip joints. She's basically a mannequin Novi Stars doll. She does have shoulder joints though. And it's so odd because she doesn't have a thigh gap, so dressing her in shorts or pants is not possible.

This is how I salvaged her:

So yeah, I trimmed an inch of her hair, and I couldn't get to separate her blue streaks successfully, but that's OK because her blue streaks are not in good condition anyway. I just tied her hair into a ponytail while I figure out what else to do with it. I have never boil-washed a doll's hair, but I most likely will when I finally move all my things to my new place, and Una is a candidate for a boil wash.

I used Ari Roma's right arm as Una Verse's left arm so that I can complete Una. Then I dressed her up in a blue La Dee Da dress, and pink clone Barbie shoes because that's only one of the few pairs of doll shoes I have that fits her. Una can't fill in the top of her La Dee Da dress due to her chest being so small, but because the dress is designed with two long pieces that can be wrapped around the doll's body in many ways, I tied the pieces at the back of her neck to make a halter. Now the chest issue isn't noticeable anymore. Dressing Una was the only time I wished that I bought that Novi Stars outfit I found last month, but nah. 

Oh when I dressed her, I had to take off her head and slip the dress over her neck and stuff. The dress is too tight for it to be slipped over her legs, that's why. And I feel like this La Dee Da dress covers her up so much that it's swallowing her whole. I probably will make a smaller outfit for her in the future.


  1. I have her still in the box, found at a thrift shop for $7 CAD.

    1. That's cool! I don't mind not getting dolls in their original box when I thrift. As long as I know I can salvage it into something I can enjoy, then why not. Besides it's pretty rare here in Manila to find something like that at a store.