Saturday, March 26, 2016

Quick Craft: Doll Top Hat

I was watching a doll crafting video a while ago. It's Easter related. Fitting, because tomorrow is Easter Sunday.

Watching this gave me an idea, and it's a long overdue one.

A while back, I bought 2 hair ties with top hat accessories on them. I posted a photo on this blog entry. For months I had no idea how to put them on my doll. I tried wire but it wasn't pretty looking. I tried ribbon but it's too troublesome to put on and off a doll's head.

The video above suggested using a bottle cap ring, of which I had a bunch because we collect used plastic bottles in our house and sell them as a lot to a junk shop. I thought it's a fantastic idea to use plastic bottle cap rings because they come in different colours. I think I made eight of them in one sitting.

To prepare the top hats, I had to cut them off the hair tie first, of course. Then I clipped the plastic ring underneath to keep the bottom of the top hat flat. I also sanded the clipped bottom of the hat with a nail file to smoothen rough edges. 

Then I hot glued the top hats to the plastic rings, et voila! Instant top hat accessory for my dolls.

Here is Madeline Hatter modelling a top hat:

Madeline's outfit:
McDonald's Bathing Girl Beth bear bathrobe
pink Daiso room dress
unknown pink sheer tights
Kenko World/CD-R King shoe charms
red plastic bag charm

OK, I know this kind of pink doesn't belong in Madeline's colour scheme, but this is what I prefer her to have at the moment. And I don't have a lot of doll clothes anyway, haha.

I hope next time I can give her a teacup hat.

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