Monday, March 14, 2016

Male Lammily Doll Campaign

Just read somewhere about an upcoming Lammily doll. If it gets enough crowd funding, production will start soon.

Basically Lammily dolls are based on proportions of an average 19-year-old American woman. As of this moment, there are two kinds of Lammily dolls: a traveler, and a photographer (AA doll). It used to fill the need for doll hobbyists who are not into Barbie's modelesque proportions, way before Barbie released their Fashionistas dolls with tall, curvy and petite body types.

Now the maker of Lammily is gearing up for a new Lammily doll. Guess what, it's male.

Ken doll vs male Lammily doll prototype
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Now I wonder. Will Barbie step up their game and create new body types for Ken dolls as well? Is that a strategic thing to do? Will they create lanky, short, and husky male dolls, etc.? I feel that the market has an abundance of 12-inch action figures that can fill this void for now, such as Action Man, Hot Toys, Sideshow Collectibles, Starting Lineup, wrestling figures, and dolls like Monster High and Ever After High, so the need does not feel immediate. But the thought of having more choices for Ken's body is quite refreshing.

/Nickolay Lamm described the male Lammily as "not [having] a six pack but he has an awesome sense of humour." I don't know, but do kids even bother about that kind of information? I think only insecure men and women who are very particular with looks do. This kind of comment brings down guys who have a good looking physique and also have a sense of humour. And what about those guys that look just like male Lammily here that are not humourous? Are they not good enough to people then? I wish Mr. Lamm drops this thinking and just talks about male Lammily as a new addition to his growing doll collection that looks different, not better than other dolls out there. Lammily should re-focus and concentrate on diversity AND equality, cultivate self-esteem and uniqueness without comparing one's self to others, and accepting that other people do not look like you and that's totally fine.


  1. Well at least these dolls are more lifelike. I think I like them.

    1. These will never reach our local stores though. Sad.