Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Minions Challenge Card Game blind bag

I was at Toy Kingdom in SM Fairview when I found a box of discounted Minion blind bags. It's called Minions Challenge Card Game. OK, I barely finished Despicable Me, and I didn't watch the Minions movie at all, so I still don't get the appeal of the Minions. Maybe someday I will re-watch the first movie, and finally watch the sequel.

The blind bag was originally sold at P199.75 but has been discounted to P50. It so happened that I have 31 points in my loyalty card so I used them all and only had to pay P19 to get a bag.

The front of the bag. I took off the price tags and sticky tape.

The back of the back. There are supposed to be thirty two collectible figures. I'm not interested in getting them all, haha!

Stuff out of the blind bag.

A small figure of Egyptian Stuart. So tiny. The paint job isn't super high quality, but I can deal with it.

A small deck of cards.

There are five cards in the deck.

All the cards share the same image at the back. I'm still not sure how can I use the cards for a project.

The instructions on how to play Minions Challenge Card Game. It's basically just War, but with a tiny figure.

Stuart is now chummies with my two Cut The Rope Nommies micro figures.

Stuart with the Nommies and the Zomlings. Om Nom here is really fun to look at because he's making a face. What a hoot.

By the way, I found some (not so) marked down blind capsules (or blind meteors??) of Crashlings at SM North, but I didn't get any at all because a single pack costs P80. No.


  1. Hindi ka fan ng Minions pero bumili ka dahil mura? Ganyan din ako dati, bumibili ng mga bagay na di naman masyado gusto kasi mura. Sa katagalan nakaipon ako ng maraming bagay na di ko gusto.

    Inipon ko na lang sana yung pera para makabili ng bagay na gusto ko kahit mahal...

    1. Maliit yung figure, pwede ko gamitin sa dolls.