Monday, February 29, 2016

I Love VIP Pets Dakota

Because I've gotten a Pinkie Cooper doll recently, I've been thinking about anthropomorphic play line dolls. The only dolls that come to my mind at the moment are Peteena, and those animal dolls from Petworks. And oh, the Disney movie Zootopia is so timely right now. Have you heard of their singing gazelle doll??? It's so strange looking but I want one. It's only available at the UK Disney store right now.

Then I became more curious and checked out Littlest Pet Shop doll hybrids online. Basically, collectors take of the head of LPS figures and put them on human doll bodies. Some are really strange to me, while some do work well and look adorable.

Then I stumbled upon an I Love VIP Pets doll hybrid. I Love VIP Pets are fashion toy dogs with colourful and styled hair, bright eye makeup and fashion accessories. I've seen this line at the toy store previous times before but I didn't really bother to check them out. However, because of this LiveJournal post, I thought of making my own I Love VIP pets hybrid myself! Well, what are the chances of me getting a VIP pet at the toy store for a good price? Pretty slim. I've seen them being on sale, but I didn't take advantage of it at the time because I wasn't interested.

Lo and behold, I found one at Toy Kingdom.

Dakota was the only design left on the shelf. The saleslady explained to me that this is on sale because a newer but more expensive I Love VIP Pets stock came in, in a plastic dog carrier packaging and packed with more fashion accessories, ergo, stuff I don't necessarily need.

It was on sale for P200.

A closer look at Dakota.

One side of the box.

The other side of the box.

The back of the box.

Other characters from this line. I think I would have loved to get Alex or Sophie, but Dakota is fine.

The top of the box with the cool paw print design. 

Dakota out of the box but still attached to the cardboard insert I pulled out of it.

The back of the cardboard insert. There are plastic flaps and adhesive tape on it.

Dakota free from the box and with her accessories: a brush, a pair of earrings and a cowboy hat. The earrings are weird because they attach to their cheeks, not her actual dog ears. What??

I decapitated Dakota. Doing so reveals an extra accessory: a dog collar. Her gold rickrack hair band is also removable.

I brushed her hair and a hair plug came off, but I don't know from where. It's not that important though because if I can't find the spot where it came from, so can't you.

Remember my Breyer doll? I left it naked because I don't like it a lot.

Decapitation time!

I've compared neck knobs. This head transplant might just work.

And bam! The body is too orange for Dakota's skin tone, but because of her long orange hair, it just might work. And Dakota is a cow-girl dog, and my Breyer doll is a horse-riding doll, so it all fits!

Switching heads and stuff.


Dakota all dressed up. I made pony tails out of her hair because it's unruly.

Dakota, Harry, Anastasia and Pinkie.

On Dakota: Daiso seifuku, miniature Furla jelly bag, Pocahontas moccassins
On Harry: my Breyer doll's suit
On Anastasia: Goya bits candy container cap, Daiso seifuku, La Dee Da bag, Barbie sneakers
On Pinkie: Monster High Create-A-Monster wig, Daiso seifuku, Chanel bag cellphone charm, black Barbie clone shoes

I think they are the only dolls I have of similar built. I can't wait to take photos of all my dolls to compare their height.

Dakota's big head is really overwhelming when she is next to other dolls, but I think she'd fit right in with Blythes and Pullips. I don't collect those though. I'm ok with Dakota and don't plan to make more VIP pets hybrids because I have no spare doll body of this size anymore.

This makes me want to try other kinds of hybrids though. We'll see...

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