Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Shopkins Season 4 blind basket bootleg

So I found another bootleg Shopkins blind basket, and it seems that it's a bootleg of the Season 3 basket. 

(Please bear with my filthy nails and hand.)

I spent P35 for this blind basket.

The side of the basket with the Shopkins logo. The basket appears to be glittery.

It's only packaged with card stock. No plastic wrap at all.

12 pack. Right.

I just needed to peel off the adhesive tape from the bottom so that the flaps of the card stock are free.

No bags to hide the things inside.

Who are these in the Shopkins world??

The Shopkins next to their basket.

The original Shopkins Season 3 blind basket.

And the stuff inside the basket includes a check list.

I think the bootleg basket really resembles the original basket very well. I couldn't tell the difference at all. The way the goodies inside the basket were made and painted though is another story.

If there's a bootleg of the Shopkins crate or candy jar, I'd most likely get that, too. The containers are compatible to dolls, that's why.

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