Monday, February 22, 2016

Thrifting Haul, and Figure Modification

I went thrifting again, but I bought these from two different places I don't go to on a regular basis.

5 things. One of them is not toy-related.

A low doll chair for P20. (I learned that this is a Licca-chan chair.)

A Panda daruma doll for P20. I fixed the eyes because it was already drawn on with a marker. I also patched some of the stains with correction fluid.

I've never had a daruma doll with this kind of design so this is pretty cool.

A metal bookend for P20.

A Pepsi figure for P20. I forgot who she is but her name is definitely labeled underneath the cap.

A Queen Amidala Pepsi bottle cap for P20. I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but I have some Star Wars pen toppers from cereals I ate, and an R2D2 chip clip, so I thought it won't hurt to add another small item to my collection.

These do not belong to my latest thrifting haul, but both of these are thrifted from a Japanese surplus shop I used to go to. I never came back to that place anymore because it's filled with dust, and the rest of the things they are selling there seem to be rubbish. I think I bought these for P35 each.

'Kitbashed'. Is that the correct term? No?

The body. The skirt can be removed, and when it is, you can see the figure in her panties.

I found the original figure at Toy Con.

I can't identify who she is.

The head.

I stuffed black foam in there to make the attachment snug, but I still wasn't satisfied with this.

When I bought the Pepsi figure, I thought I could use the blond girl's head on the body instead.

This should be interesting.

I pulled the pieces apart. I didn't even think they came in separate pieces.

I removed the neck piece from the head, then carved a hole with a craft knife. Then I glued the head to the body using contact cement.

I think I messed up a little because I used this cheap shoe glue too and it kind of melted the paint. And contact cement is quite gooey when still wet, so it didn't help the situation.

I'm still waiting for the glue to dry. I don't feel so bad about the mess in the neck. It's such a minute detail anyway.

Original figure vs. my modified figure.

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