Saturday, February 27, 2016

Num Noms, Frightmares, and Barbie

So I thought Num Noms will arrive in the Philippines next month, but no I was wrong. It's already here:

Num Noms at Toy Town, Glorietta.

Num Noms at Toys R Us Glorietta. I also saw them at Toy Kingdom SM Makati.

I really did smell the packages and you could really tell they're artificially scented. I like the chocolatey smell on some Nums.

I think what's arriving on March 8 are the blind yogurt cups, and I want to get one.

New dolls on the Monster High shelf: the Frightmares. I think this is somewhat Mattel's answer to My Little Pony.

Caprice Whimcanter. Oh she looks pretty cool. I wish Mattel didn't cover her eyes like that as packaged. I mean, what if she had eye wonk?? Buyers won't know that just by looking at her through the plastic.

Flara Blaze. Her profile art is pretty, but I'm not so comfortable with her doll design.

Pyxis Prepstockings. At first she was my pick from the first wave of Frightmares, but not anymore.

Olympia Wingfield. She reminds me of Rarity from My Little Pony because of her colours.

These Frightmares are pretty expensive. You could get a regular Monster High doll with the same amount of money.

Look at this Barbie shelf. There are those career Barbies on it. Oh and Made To Move dolls, of course.

The new Barbie entry dolls. They're P50 more expensive than the early entry dolls. I think it's because of the plastic ring inside, plus the belt. Those old ones don't have the belt, I think.

Oh and on a different note, Easter stuff are already out in the market. I bought a pack of Dutche chocolate for P49.75:

I bought one because I was dizzy and tired, and wanted to eat something sweet to fight that off somehow, and because I could get plastic Easter eggs at the same time. I might be able to use them in a craft project, who knows.

/I totally forgot I also took a photo of this:

New Hasbro Disney princess with skirts that have a hidden design. I've seen these online, but they have just been released recently.

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