Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My old doll collection photos

Remember this photo I posted here?

I used to store my dolls on my book shelf. I got more dolls afterwards, and I think it got really crazy on there.

My collection has gotten bigger since I took this photo.

I sat some of the dolls on my foldable table too.

I still aim to take a photo of my whole doll and toy collection, for posterity, but I'll be able to do that I think when I move my toys to my new place.


  1. Wow you've got a lot of monster high now, yes, they're nice to display, I wish I can do this to my collection, but I can't, living beside main street is a threat...I mean with all those dust. Who is that beside the zombie?

    1. In the shelf photo, bootleg Zombie Rapunzel is sitting between my custom Hit Girl Barbie and unfinished custom bootleg Frozen Anna. In the table photo, she's sitting between Catrine DeMew in BFC Ink body and Clawdeen Wolf.