Thursday, February 18, 2016

Barbie Made to Move dolls in the Philippines, and Other Toy Store updates

Barbie Made to Move dolls are finally here! (There's Teresa, Barbie and Lea, but no Asha.)

I found these at SM North department store and Toy Kingdom, SM The Block. The saleslady at SM North told me they just arrived yesterday.

Sold at P999.75 each, these are more reasonably priced than what online sellers of this doll line ask for. Like, I've seen one seller sell this at P1800. RIDICULOUS!

There are other new dolls on the shelves, such as the Endless Hair line and a new line of mermaids, which have too much purple and pink going on that it makes me puke rainbows (not really haha). There are also the new Barbie entry level dolls priced at P449.75 that come in three new basic dresses, and I remember that one of them has the Lea face sculpt.

SM also has those new Barbie dolls in uniforms. Not sure if they're called Barbie I Can Be but I didn't see that tag line on the boxes.

There's even a chef and a pilot, I think. They are priced at P999.75. If you ask me, it's better to get the Made To Move doll, then look for a Barbie I Can Be career fashion pack if it's accessible. Sure, it's going to be much more expensive, but you get a posable doll instead of this stiff one.

In other news, at SM North, the Disney Descendants dolls have been reduced to one-fourth of a toy shelf. It is now displayed on a lower shelf of the My Little Pony Equestria Dolls display which kind of implies that SM is not restocking them any time soon. I wish they were on clearance if they're really going be to let go. Meanwhile, the Hasbro Disney dolls are on a roll because I saw new play sets like Elsa's canopy bed, Cinderella's vanity dresser with a dress form and extra dress, and Belle's table for tea time. The colour of Elsa's canopy bed is pretty cool because it gradually blends from blue to purple.

Elsa's icicle canopy bed

I didn't see the Shopkins Shoppies dolls at Toy Kingdom, but I did at Toys R Us. Maybe the Shoppies dolls are exclusive to TRU then??

Also the new Batman vs Superman dolls from Jakks Pacific came in yesterday too. I didn't manage to photograph those because my phone battery has gone low. There's Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman in different sizes. The biggest, I believe, is 19 inches. The size is a bit overwhelming, to be honest, specially when I picked up Wonderwoman to examine it, but I think I'd appreciate her more if her clothes are actually made of fabric, not sculpted, but alas, that is not the case.


  1. pansin ko lang, madalas ka bumisita sa mga toy stores sa SM North at Trinoma. gaano kadalas ang minsan? doink.

    weekend lang ako usually nakakapunta. may inaabangan din akong ibang toys kaso hassle naman pumunta every weekend.

    1. Depende sa lakad ko, kasi may sakayan sa SM o Trinoma na pauwi sa amin e. So pag naabutan ako ng gabi sa labas, dito ako sumasakay. Libot-libot muna talaga bago umuwi. Haha.

  2. Thanks so much for this update!!! Like right now, I wanted to go to SM North already hahaah!

    1. Got mine from my local TK =) Called around first kasi medyo malayo si Trinoma but your post was really a blessing. Super thanks! Loving them madetomove gals! Hugs!

    2. That's great! Can't wait for your new entries featuring the MTM body. :)