Saturday, February 13, 2016

Monster High dolls reboot - NEW LOOK!

The new Monster High movie, Great Scarrier Reef, is premiering later at Nickelodeon, so let us all who live outside of America weep and desperately look for a copy online. But I hear the characters' CGI appearance has changed. I don't like what I've seen on Tumblr so far. Hmm.

from Mattel Core Brand Presentation

Monster High reboot Frankie

Is it a bad angle or what... She looks like she's really decomposing with this kind of face. Must be fitting because she's after all a Franken-person, but dammnit leave the skeleton look to Skelita, Frankie! Don't steal her thing!

Anyway, stock photos of the new Monster High reboot have been released. For comparison, here's the old one of the gang:

Look at this! There's even Deuce in it. I really appreciate the fact that a guy here, a manster rather, chooses to hang out with girls, er, ghouls. Deuce is Cleo's loyal boyfriend, and he's very comfortable being around her girlfriend's friends. To introduce Deuce as part of a female-dominated pioneer group is simply awesome.

Here are the new photos:

I was writing my initial reaction on Tumblr, but I thought, hey I have a toy blog, so I thought of writing it here . I'll preserve the draft in here as it is, in its Tumblrized glory:

i’ve never been that fond of draculaura’s (far right) old faceup because she looks like she’s drugged, and it seems that i don’t like her new faceup either because she looks so bug-eyed.

cleo and clawdeen looks alright but their fierceness is somewhat gone in their new faceup, which is kinda disappointing. on the bright side it seems that cleo lost her horrible tinsel hair, which is so hard to manage, and got replaced with blonde streaks. i don’t like her colour scheme. the blue that mattel chose clashes with the rest of her outfit, specially with that green pants, i think.
the best dressed so far is clawdeen. draculaura’s outfit, bleh.
and i need some time to get used to frankie. haha

There's also a hint from Mattel of a Lady Gaga doll, what! This is from Monster High's Snapchat:

That's a Monster High version of Lady Gaga's silhouette from the Born This Way video, when she was wearing a tuxedo and skeleton makeup, dancing next to Rico the Zombie Boy.

Lady Gaga's foundation partnered with Mattel in 2015 and now they are launching a youth campaign called #KindMonsters. Read more about this here.

That's pretty cool. I'm actually been meaning to make a custom doll in her likeness, in this costume. In a previous post about my toy collection, there's a stark naked Draculaura in there with thick blonde hair. I want to turn her into this Lady Gaga character but with pink tuxedo! I haven't started working on her though because I still have two pending projects (Honey Lemon and Frozen Anna). Sigh.

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