Saturday, February 6, 2016

Once Upon A Zombie: bootleg vs authentic

In anticipation of the new release of the Once Upon A Zombie dolls plus Zombie Alice which I am anxious to receive, I have decided to make comparison photos between the bootlegs and the authentic dolls. Enjoy.

Zombie Rapunzel
Zombie Rapunzel

Zombie Cinderella

Zombie Little Mermaid

Zombie Sleeping Beauty

Zombie Belle

Zombie Snow White

For the bootleg of Zombie Snow White, I wasn't able to take a good front photo of the doll. :-/

I can't find the bootleg dolls online anymore. There must have been a C&D letter from OUAZ themselves.

/Some stock photos of the bootlegs including a smaller doll set:

The small dolls look like they have the What's Buni? face sculpt.

Now I can make a better comparison of the bootleg Zombie Snow White, and the original:

And here are official (I think?) OUAZ string dolls sold from a capsule machine:

Once Upon A Zombie tattoos:

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  1. Jamie, you mean up to this time they haven't shipped your prize? Been how many months....

    1. Yeah but from what I heard, their target month for the new dolls will be this month or March. Hope I get it soon. :-/