Thursday, February 25, 2016

Toy Con 2016

I just found out that this year's Toy Con will be held from June 10-12 at SMX Convention Center Halls 1-4. I knew it's going to be at the Mall of Asia area last year because the organiser said it at the event back then.

I don't know if I'll attend this one because I live far from this place, so I'll have to see the events lined up for each day and figure it out. Kinda skeptic, to be honest, because I think I'm already set with all the toys I have at the moment. :-/


  1. Ako di ako talaga pupunta. kasi yung mga gusto kong gawin dun, magagawa ko naman din kahit di ako pumunta dun. Like viewing toy displays, dami nagdidisplay online. Buying toys, pwede na din online. Yung lang naman talaga pinupunta ko doon.

    1. Yun lang din ang ginawa ko last Toy Con. Tumingin ng toys. Wala naman akong nabili kasi ang mahal. Haha. May tama ka.