Thursday, February 11, 2016

Richprime And Other Toy Store Updates

Been seeing more new products from Richprime.

Made To Move Barbie:

Richprime isn't the best in describing their products so there's not much to read. I wonder if we're getting these dolls soon at the toy store. I hope so.

The photos on these two items won't load, but I'm guessing the Ever After High doll on the left would be the Holly O'Hair styling doll. Now on the right, that could be any doll. But it says a CORE rebel doll. So that could be Raven Queen.

I've seen the Shopkins Shoppies dolls in-store, well just two of them: Bubbleisha and Popette. I like Popette's design, but the doll itself, not so much because of the lack of articulation and the terrifying faceup. The doll is also way over my budget for something this small.

Their size reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake dolls, and Cocodels dolls I've seen at the toy store, too.

I've also seen some new blind bags at the toy store like Thomas and Friends and My Little Pony, but for some reason the Shopkins blind baskets are nowhere to be found? Hmm...

I can't find Sqwishland toys anymore. It looks like this:

Just when I got convinced to get a tube because I unpacked some small toys previously, Sqwishland has already been pulled out from display. Sigh.


  1. infurnezz, mas mura yung MTM nila kaysa sa mga online sellers. baka bumili ako as a sign of best supporting actor para sa effort nila maging reasonable ang precious.