Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Violet The Incredibles doll costume FAIL

I was browsing online for dolls and found a The Incredibles Violet doll. I thought of making an outfit that looks like Violet's red suit, so I spent hours last night making one by hand. It didn't work out the way I planned it so I'm not finishing it anymore.

Looking shabby right there, eh?

I used Winx Club Flora as my model because her waist is extremely slim compared to her hips, and I thought she would make a good base. I used t-shirt fabric, so the fabric doesn't stretch and fit her body very well. And I made a mistake with the crotch area because it's supposed to look like a triangle, but because of how poor the fabric is, it got stretched into a rectangular shape, haha.

I don't know what to do with Flora anymore. I'm not liking her original outfit on her, and her Daiso kimono is not a match to her personality. Maybe I'll make her a better Violet suit with stretch fabric and be done with it. I just don't know... She's a pretty doll, and has grown on me ever since my niece got hers from me, so I really want to dress her up and stuff.

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