Monday, February 15, 2016

Disney Descendants pulled out from Toy Kingdom and Toys R Us?

It seems that Disney Descendants have been pulled out from our local toy stores, perhaps due to the arrival of the Hasbro Disney princesses. I'm not sure why that happened when both doll lines are made by Hasbro and their themes compliment each other (princesses and their descendants)..

To be honest, I actually saw two or three Jane dolls next to the Hasbro Disney princesses, with the original price, but that's about it. The other dolls went missing, so I consider this line pulled out even though I still saw Jane. That's odd because Disney Descendants has more new dolls coming this year, specially since they are shown at Toy Fair 2016 in New York City. There is the Genie Chic line which has been out for a while in the US. There is also that Neon Lights line where the main dolls plus new ones are wearing neon or brightly coloured outfits. There are even new dolls coming up like the daughter of Captain Hook and daughter of Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

I'm not in touch with cable TV programming here, but perhaps the Disney Descendants show here in the Philippines is not a hit? Is that a possible reason?

Meanwhile, there are so many My Little Pony Equestria Girls doll (also by Hasbro) on sale here. Why didn't they just put those Disney Descendants dolls on sale first???

/March 9, 2016
Not pulled out, but stock is really running low.

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