Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Foxanne: Snow Pixie from Ever After High Epic Winter

In the recent Dragon Games special, three forest pixies were introduced: Featherly, Harelow and Deerla. They were very adorable in the special, but I feel that their dolls do not translate their adorableness very well.

Anyway, I was browsing a Monster High forum when I saw the leaked photos of the upcoming Epic Winter doll line. I was like, oh I've already seen these... until I saw photos of a couple of snow pixies. What...

So there are two snow pixies in this special. One of them is Veronicub who does not interest me. However, the other snow pixie does, and that is Foxanne:

Oh those adorable ears. That lovely shade of blue in her hair. Her simple but appealing outfit. Her faceup! She's really cute!

Pixie dolls are definitely shorter than Ever After High dolls, including the Wonderlandians, but I wish they came with more articulation.

Can't wait for Epic Winter. I'll definitely watch it on Netflix!

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