Monday, February 8, 2016

Zomlings and Kookoo Kennel blind bags

There is a new arrival of toys at the toy section of a department store I go to, and I couldn't resist buying them even when I swore off buying something this small for P50. Well, curiosity wins, I guess. I mean, I like zombies so... you know.

These are called Zomlings (In The Town). They're basically collectible squishy toys that resemble zombified beings and animals. They even came with packs that have houses, and towers that you can stack, but I passed. 

These two characters are called FoFly and Tedz. I actually wanted Tedz when I saw him (it?) on the checklist from the back of a big blister pack, so it's cool that I got him (it?). Tedz kind of reminds me of the teddy bear from the Novi Stars fashion pack I didn't buy, a torturous reminder indeed that I did tell myself once that I shouldn't buy very small toys for this amount, but now I'm eating my words. 

FoFly's profile, sort of, and Tedz again. They're made of rubber and have holes underneath. I tried to jam Tedz on top of a pen. It worked, the fit is snug so it won't fall off, but it took more seconds than necessary to put it on top of my pen because the hole is quite small.

Each blind bag came with a checklist, an incomplete one at that! It only lists up to 40 Zomlings so I didn't even spot Tedz in it.

The complete checklist. I found this image from the Net. Those limited edition and ultra rare ones can actually be found in the bigger blister packs, but I'm not so interested in getting them. These two are enough (Zomg Jamie you said it now please stay true to your word!).

Because I am already on the subject of blind bags, I might as well talk about the first blind bags I opened EVER. I finally found the Kookoo Kennel blind bag toys I opened before. I thought I gave them away, but in reality I just stashed them in a small paper bag and forgot about them until I rummaged through the stuff in my bottom cabinet.

Each blind bag cost me P20. I felt really tensed opening these bags because I really didn't want to get something I don't like. But it's not like there's any character to dislike in this series, isn't there? Unless the second toy I open is a duplicate, then I shouldn't be so bothered. I was weird, what can I say. 

I think I got an afghan hound and a bulldog. Both are flocked so they're fuzzy to touch. The colour of the flock makes them a bit worrisome to display though because dust can easily darken the toys.

The bags come with a folded checklist, shaped like a dog house and when you stretch it, you can see all the characters on each page, which is pretty cool because the photos are nicely illustrated.

This checklist is again from the Net. My issue with this checklist though is they're not toy accurate so I have a hard time figuring out if the afghan hound is really what I got, or the golden retriever. Ack.

Hope we get more interesting and affordable blind bags here in Manila. I mean, we have the Tsum Tsum mystery packs here but they're so expensive! And they cost just as much as the two-pack.

I'm thinking of getting at least one tube of Sqwishland toys for science, I guess, now that I've opened a Zomlings pack. You can get 6 for P50 because it is on sale, so that could be fun to open. I'll see...


  1. Where do you buy your blind bags?

    1. I usually buy blind bags at my local toy stores and department stores that have toys here in Manila.