Monday, February 1, 2016

Make It Pop dolls

I was watching YouTube though and saw this oddly placed doll in a shelf of Monster High and Ever After High dolls on a toy hunt video.

What is that doll in the middle of budget Draculaura and style doll Holly O'hair? I've never seen it before. It reads "Make It Pop" and "Corki" on the box. I looked online and information about this doll is scarce. I just know that Make It Pop is a Canadian show, there is more than one doll, and the dolls are made by Jakks Pacific. 

Here are the only other photos I've seen of these dolls, but they do not match the one in-box in that video:

They look like their arms and legs do not bend at all. Sad.

Wish there is more information online about these dolls. I am curious. I really think they're new because I've watched quite a number of toy hunts for the past few months and that's the only time I've seen this kind of doll.

/Oh they're going to be introduced in the upcoming Play Fair in New York on February 14, 2016!

/February 3, 2016
I found more photos of the dolls in-box from this Tumblr post.
And from this forum thread. So these are old Winx Club face moulds...

/February 8, 2016
I found a video from the Make It Pop YouTube channel. A cast member, Louriza Tronco (who's actually Filipino-Canadian, hey!) opens her doll version.

/February 13, 2016
The two other cast members of Make It Pop have videos of them opening their own dolls. Just check out the channel where the first video came from.
Also, I made a new post about the dolls that include stock photos. Check it out here.

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