Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bootleg Snow White doll

I'm not a fan of Snow White, but when I saw this bootleg doll at a toy store, I thought it would be fun to get one. It was on sale for P150.

A photo heavy post coming right up!

She has articulated elbows and wrists!

Box opening. It was pretty easy. Just peel off the adhesive tape on the top or bottom flap of the box and pull the cardboard insert inside.

The doll is very easy to unbox. You just need to twist the wire at the back and then remove the doll's feet from the cardboard flap.

Out of the box.

Her face. She looks similar to the Disney store version.

Her hair is styled like... Jasmine from Aladdin???

Oh hey. Bald spot. Who knew?

There's a rip on her left collar but it's not a big deal. I'd probably just glue or tape it to seal the hole or something. Pretty sure though that she doesn't get to keep this dress.

Typical side-glancing eyes. And the ribbon on her head is secured with plastic ties that are piercing through her head.

The back of the dress. It's secured with velcro but I'm afraid it might peel off because it's not sewn very well.

The doll without the dress. Her torso is made of plastic but it's quite brittle? I hope it holds up. AND. THOSE. THIN. LEGS.


But her head is easy to remove!

It's just a simple neck knob.

I put the body next to the original body of my bootleg Zombie Princess doll. I think Snow White's legs are much thinner.

The neck knobs look really different from each other. Snow White's is flat, while the Zombie Princess' is quite pointy. Snow White is also bustier.

The crotch area looks different too. The left is much wider than the right.

I think the body on the right has a shapelier bottom than the one on the left.

And I totally forgot I had another bootleg body but with a swivel waist and down facing palms.

I found extra bootleg doll legs from my stash. I don't know which doll used to own them, but I glad I had them handy. So I did a swap on the legs and it was actually easy to remove and attach them. It's looking so much better now.

I was pleasantly surprised that the hands can come off and be put back in. Very convenient for redressing.

I took the rubber band that's securing her hair and this is the outcome: messy overwhelming stringy hair.

The big bald spot revealed once more, but now you can see how much of a bulbous head she has.

Her hair down. I'm still not digging her hair length.

I lost a hair plug from the first combing. That pretty much did it for me. I have decided to give her a reroot soon.

I combed and combed, and persevered some more. And now she's finally bald. It was actually convenient removing all the hair because I didn't have to deal with gooey and disgusting head glue. There's no glue in her head after all!

Bald Snow White striking a pose.

Her head is quite squishy, and it gives off a different colour because light passes through it more than it did when she had lots of hair.

I have spare hair extensions, pony tail style, so I am trying them on her one by one.

The darkest I have. I don't think it's entirely black, but it's close to Snow White's original hair colour.


Reddish brown? Or the same colour as the previous one? I can't remember.

Hair from a Bratz Babyz doll. Yeah... about that doll, I didn't end up giving the doll away to my niece. I kept it and tried to mod her head with yarn so I had to remove her original hair. I have to say, the project is a failure.

Another bunch of hair I got from the same Bratz Babyz doll.

This is from a children's Rapunzel hair piece sold at the Disney Store. I thrifted this last year and used some of the hair for my custom Draculaura which I have yet to finish.

So I decided to use the black/dark hair.

I attached it to her head the other way for a different effect. 

She looks like she's wearing a wooly hat, like an ushanka.

The last photo I took of her before I placed her back in the box.

So I'm planning to reroot her hair, and create a new dress for her. I don't know when I can work on her, but fingers crossed!

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