Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pinkie Cooper

I finally have a Pinkie Cooper doll! I bought one from an online seller. I got her for P350.

Photos from the seller:

The online seller was selling Pinkie with 2 Liv doll wigs, but I didn't want the wigs because I already have one plus three Monster High Create-A-Monster wigs. So Instead of paying P450, I paid P350, and P50 for shipping.

Here she is with a Create-A-Monster wig.

She's tiny!

I haven't brushed the wig that well when I put it on so the hair has a lot of volume.

If you're wondering how I managed to attach a Create-a-Monster wig on her head when it's too small, I attached it using Faber-Castell tack-it. First, I stuck a tiny piece on the inside of the wig and pinned down the plastic peg inside (that is really for CAM doll heads) so that it lays flat under the wig cap. Then I strategically placed four more pieces of Tack-it on the inner edge of the wig cap so that I can securely stick the wig on Pinkie's head, trying my hardest to avoid the hair strands getting caught on the tack.

Her hair gets stuck to her eyelashes sometimes. I have to keep combing her hair to the side so that it won't get stuck there anymore. Her knees can click twice, and her paw hands are not as versatile as the usual doll hands, but they look cute. She has no ears! That's because her original wigs serve as ears well. Hair ears or ear hairs, yeah? Her feet are small but arched very high so she can only wear high boots from other doll lines.

Here she is with Anastasia, and they are both wearing Daiso seifukus. Pinkie's hair is so flat now and it looks like she's balding, haha. I might change her wig someday to another one with bangs instead.

Harry, Anastasia and Pinkie. Whoa Harry, slow down with the doll collecting.

/I changed her wig. Took a little while to do it because of the sticky tack, but it's fine.

She looks better with bangs, I think. And she's another purple haired doll for me, YAY!