Sunday, February 14, 2016

Inside Out Joy dolls

I just watched Inside Out yesterday and enjoyed it. I was heartbroken about what Bing Bong did in order to save Joy and Riley. That was such a great scene and I don't think it will ever grow old!

Anyway, my favourite character out of all the emotions is Joy. Because I like dolls, I looked online for Joy dolls:

Photo from

I don't like any of these. *SHOCKER*

In fact, I like this unofficial one much better.

Photos taken from here.

Some customising like restyling the hair, changing the body's skin colour, and making a new movie-accurate dress for this bootleg doll would make this doll much cuter, in my opinion. Best of all, Joy doesn't need shoes!

OK so this bootleg makes Joy look human, but I think that's the point of customising dolls into movie characters: to make the dolls relatable to their doll owner.

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