Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Please don't be kidding

I've been browsing the Kids Company/RichPrime website lately. RichPrime is part of Richwell which is responsible for distributing Mattel products.

Anyway, so I was browsing the site, and lo and behold.... 


I see Farrah Goodfairy, Bunny Blanc, and Faybelle Thorn on there. What an odd selection of characters. The good news is they are all up for pre-order on their website. I want to see them at toy stores already, including the rest of the gang!!

They're quite pricey, aren't they? But they are almost priced like Monster High dolls so I guess that's supposed normal because they're imported dolls after all. I want to see Courtly, Cerise, Mira, my favourite boy Hunter (whom I already have, but I still want to see him new in box!), Maddie, Rosabella... ah! The list goes on.

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