Sunday, February 14, 2016

Barbie Spy Squad Cat Burglar doll

My Hit Girl sense is tingling when I saw this doll while Googling. (Well, that rhymed.) You know I love me some Hit Girl:

Barbie Spy Squad Cat Burglar doll - in box

It's the Barbie Spy Squad Cat Burglar doll. So cute!

Cat Burglar doll

Upon checking online, she's actually much shorter than Barbie. She's about as tall as Skipper.

Cat Burglar doll up close

Her face is kinda meh. I wish Mattel gave her a smirk and a raised eyebrow. But her eyes look quite cat like, don't you think?

Cat Burglar doll

The movie Barbie Spy Squad is coming out this year on video, I think.
(Ack, it was released this month! Check out this video.)
Here's the trailer:

This is giving me a Totally Spies vibe, and there's an Easter Egg for Barbie Princess Power:

Barbie Princess Power costumes

Here are screen shots of the Cat Burglar:

She can breeze through a motion sensor protected room.

She is very agile and graceful.

The cat burglar also has some attitude. Kinda like Hit Girl but not vulgar and brutal. She doesn't seem like she's carrying any weapon in her person. She's just very acrobatic, I guess.

She even has a purple motorcycle, just like Hit Girl!

Cat Burglar with motorcyle - in box

Cat Burglar with motorcycle

Cat Burglar with motorcycle

Cat Burglar on motorcycle, Hit Girl on motorcycle

Oh I don't know if we'll ever get the Spy Squad dolls in Manila this year. I hope so, so that I could see her in person. I like how she looks in photos, but just in case I don't like her when I see her up close, I just might customise a doll in her likeness. I have a Catrine deMew head. She's a werecat from Monster High, and her hair is purple and pink, which is similar to this cat burglar. Her body is BFC Ink and I know the skin tones do not match, but I don't care. The BFC Ink body is definitely shorter than Barbie, so I know I can make it work. Ah, ideas!


  1. This is a cool doll, and I love the motorcycle too - and the helmet, so cute :-). I haven't seen them over here in Belgium either yet, but I hope to be able to see her in person too.

    1. The toy helmet looks different from the show helmet, but maybe it's because Mattel wants the helmet to fit even when the cat ears are on. It's cute! Thank you for visiting, Linda!