Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Manila Ocean Park mermaid dolls

This Easter Sunday, my brother and I went to Manila Ocean Park. We were supposed to go on Black Saturday, but I had to be elsewhere that day, so we went the next day.

It's quite impossible to miss the souvenir shops in Manila Ocean Park because they're situated where foot traffic is heavy. Here is one of them near Trails To Antarctica.

While passing by this certain shop, I saw some cheap looking mermaid dolls at one of their aisles.

A four-pack! They are called Ameiya Mermaid. They all have the same face sculpt and seem to have hollow plastic bodies.

Here's another mermaid doll I saw. It just says 'Beauty play sets' on the packaging.

This shot is quite blurry because I was in a hurry. I didn't want my brother to wait on me for that long over a bunch of dolls. (I don't think he fully understands my doll collecting and blogging needs, haha.)

There were other cheap mermaid dolls sold in tiangge stalls at the ground floor but again, my brother was in a hurry to get to the places we need to be. I couldn't stop by and check out those toys. I know they're going to pricey so I had no intention of buying any doll. But I saw some cheap shoe keychains for P20 a piece (not a pair, so you need to buy two to complete it). They're knee-high boots and I would have wanted to get a pair, but on second thought I could just make my own with foam sheets.

The faces of the dolls remind me of something, but I can't put a finger on it. I'll still file these under 'bootleg'. Basically everything I file under the 'bootleg' category are clones, fakies and cheap versions. I can't assure that all these things are illegal, as the term 'bootleg' is defined, but they're definitely cheaper than mainstream fashion dolls out there.

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