Friday, March 11, 2016

A Photo Dump! [Part 8]

Finally took a photo of my dentist's posable skeleteon which I mentioned in this post

Look, it stands right below his bigger skeleton companion.

It comes with its own doll stand.

Quite tiny and delicate.

I put it back on its stand and posed it. It's not as posable as I thought it was, but still very cool.

The Ever After High dolls at Toys R Us Glorietta.

That's Darling Charming. She's really beautiful.

Melody Piper.

Rosabella Beauty. She's pretty but I'm not digging her outfit.

Faybelle Thorn. I don't like her lips. It's weird.

Farrah Goodfairy. At first, I was a bit thrown off by her smile, but she grew on me. She's really pretty.

Bunny Blanc, vacant and widely-spaced eyes and all.

Holly O'hair style doll.

The only Dragon Games doll I saw.

Dragon Games Apple White.

Budget dolls with sculpted tops Ashlynn Ella and Apple White. Raven Queen is missing, but I saw her at a different toy store.

New Fashionistas.  There's even that Dolled Up in Dots doll hidden in the back row but I didn't bother to take a photo of it.

So this is the brand new version of the Kelly/Chelsea doll I thrifted last time which became the base for my quick custom doll, Cattleena. This new doll is much more expensive than the lot of dolls I thrifted that time, whew.

A Ken fashion pack. I don't think it's common here.

At Tickles I spotted these soccer themed pens.

Those shoe charms are very interesting. I was thinking that if I get four of these pens, I can make additional shoes for my Moxie Girlz doll, or a Bratz doll (if I have one, which I don't). I can probably carve a hole in there for the doll's pegged feet.

But nope, these pens are so expensive. P99 per piece. NO. Definitely not. Tickles shop items are so expensive, so I pass.

New Sparkle Girlz dolls at a local department store.

They have pastel coloured hair. There were even mermaid dolls, which I think have a better shaped waistline than the regular ones.

Speaking of pastel coloured hair, I have this Frozen Anna bootleg doll that I tried customising into Anna's iced version in the movie, but I failed miserably. I never finished it and lost inspiration, so I thought of a way to salvage her.

I painted her body with glittery red nail polish. I know you shouldn't really use nail polish on dolls because of the damage it can do to the vinyl, but this is a cheap bootleg anyway and it's a fast method to get the job done.

Et voila! My custom Ladybug doll from Miraculous. I don't mind that her hair is lighter than Ladybug's and that she has no bangs. After all, she was intended to be different custom so I'm kind of saving her from being a failure, yes?

I placed too many dots on her suit but whatever. I tied red ribbons on her ponytails, by the way.

Ack! It was too dark so I lightened this photo.

Speaking of Anna, I rebodied my Mattel Anna to a Liv Sophie doll, and Mattel Rapunzel also got the same treatment. They were bobble heads at first, but to fix the problem, I placed a small piece of foam on the neck knob before I attached the head.

These outfits are temporary:
Rapunzel: clone Barbie halter top which I pulled high up her neck to make it look like a crop top, Winx Club Flora skirt
Anna: Barbie sleeveless top, and unbranded shorts

I switched their tops (after taking the photo above) so that they could look more coordinated with each other.

No shoes at the moment. I find it difficult to find shoes that fit Liv dolls. It's quite tempting to just carve their feet smaller with a craft knife so they can fit in Barbie shoes, but nope, I don't want to ruin the dolls. They can stay barefoot for now.

From a trip to a thrift store.

A small doll made by Wilco in Hong Kong. I'm having trouble identifying her.

She has generously rooted hair, a removable top with velcro on the back, posable body (but I find it hard to pose her in the sitting position) and painted pants.

When I tried to look for more information about this doll, I ended up finding photos of a line called We Teens. It seems like this line is the predecessor of the Bratz dolls? Hmm.

The head of the doll can be removed easily.

A photo of the doll's face. I can actually put this doll's head on my miWorld doll's body. I didn't take a photo of it though. :-/

A small bucket of food. The detail of this is pretty good. Oh and I took a solo top shot of the food but I wasn't able to upload it. Oops.

I was pleasantly surprised that this is actually a 3D puzzle of some sort. Nice!

I leave you with photos of bootleg Tinkerbell and The Pirate Fairy dolls.

They have clone Monster High bodies in brown and flesh. There are no normies in Monster High except for Jackson Jekyll, but he's not a girl, so I don't think any Monster High character can match this skin tone.


  1. The pirate princess in black is interesting, TK doesn't have these..

    1. Yup, I found the pirate dolls at Ever Gotesco.