Sunday, March 27, 2016

Monster High Scream & Sugar Nefera de Nile and Amanita Nightshade Two-Pack

These Monster High dolls aren't out yet, but the photos of Nefera de Nile and Amanita Nightshade (Scream & Sugar two-pack) can now be found on Amazon:

At first I thought that Nefera is Cleo, but I think the difference between these sisters is their hair. Nefera normally has blue green hair while Cleo has more black hair with gold tinsel. 

At first I thought Amanita Nightshade is so pretty when I saw her Gloom and Bloom doll, but then after I saw the Monster High movie of the same name, I became less fond of her. Haha. Must be because of her rude attitude.

She seems to have less vines on this upcoming version, yeah? That's rather sad.

I didn't notice before that Amanita and Nefera have the same height. So Amanita has a big sister body sculpt then? 

/Nope. Nefera is taller than Amanita.

I totally want to make a doll mesh shirt that looks like Nefera's. It looks so chic and light.

I wonder what kind of story Nefera and Amanita have together that they'd be in a two-pack. I mean, Amanita did betray her family by leaving them behind in the tomb, so does Nefera still feel protective after all these years? Are they still friends? Did they make up? Curious...


  1. I have to say I don't care for this look of Nefera. I don't know the story between these two characters. Is it on the web series? I've only been watching the movies.

    1. The series is called Gloom and Bloom and I believe it's the only one where Amanita appears. Basically Amanita the flower (which turns into a person) was gifted to the de Niles, then eventually Amanita betrays the family by leaving them behind while they were trapped in stone. She was brought to Monster High after many years and bloomed as anticipated by the students, then Cleo recognized her and was horrified to see her. I don't know how the series ended, but I remember one time that Amanita took off with all of Draculaura's clothes. She likes to "borrow" stuff, that's why. She's an evil and vapid character, to be honest.