Saturday, April 9, 2016

In Memory of The Brown Skirt

While I was going through my old entries here on my blog, I just realized that I haven't seen my brown doll skirt for quite a while. It's the skirt on the far right, as seen on this post:

It's a good and well-sewn skirt. I was planning to try it on Pocahontas but alas, it has gone missing.

Then I just recalled that when my nieces and other relatives came over for my sister's birthday last month, I shared some of my dolls and a few doll clothes and shoes for them to play with. It just so happened that we also opened a big box of care package from America, so the living room was filled with clothes-- human clothes. I guess, when they returned my things, the skirt was left behind. Then when my relatives cleaned up the living room, my doll skirt accidentally got bagged with the clothes they were bringing home.

I'm kinda bummed about losing this skirt. It was really a good skirt, and I don't even have a lot of bottoms. So I'm making this post in memory of the brown skirt.

Mimi was the first to model this skirt. Then Aurora also wore it some point but I didn't take a photo of her at the time.

You will be missed, brown skirt.

/Bah! I found the skirt on my bed. It was mixed up with my other stuff because I'm that kind of person that makes one side of the bed into a desk, haha.


  1. Aww, I also lost a few dress and dolls, my nieces took them. I'm sure you can find better ones from thrift stores.

    1. I was a little bummed about it, but yes I'll probably find a replacement or better clothes.