Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Photo Dump! [Part 11]

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago.

Oh new blind bags from Playmobil. I heard on YouTube that they are quite difficult to assemble at times.

Shopkins food fair blind... cookie jars?

Sour Flush toilet candy.

I'm not sure if this is 1:6 scale. It might work?

I bought a DohVinci pack for P200 because I was curious about the airdry playdoh. I have no use for that peace sigh frame thing so I kept it in its packaging, haha. 

I wanted to make doll shoes with DohVinci but my first attempt was a fail. I think I'll be more successful with just plain bathroom tissue paper and water or water/glue mixture. DohVinci is fun though. I'll think of something so I can still use it.

My Daruma doll collection so far. It's not much, but it's fun to collect these because they even don't cost that much when bought secondhand.

Gumby and Little Gumby on his shoulder! These two Gumbies don't look the same though, have you noticed?

My Hiragana fridge magnets, which is not complete, and a movie fridge magnet I won as a prize. 

I found the Hiragana magnets from a Japanese thrift store. If you could read the first two lines on there, you can find Nonde kudasai which means Please drink, and Yaseru, which means to lose weight, haha. I was only able to come up with those things given the limited number of magnets available to me.

I also have a collection of magnets, mainly magnets from different countries, not in photo.

Rocket and Groot in one photo, finally! They are not of the same scale, but hey, Groot is very small in the upcoming movie sequel, okay!

I took a photo of budget Raven Queen because I didn't see her when I took these photos. There are actually more Ever After High dolls available locally now, like the book party dolls, the Dragon Games dolls including the forest pixies, and I even saw extra tall Madeline Hatter! I don't like this doll version of Madeline though because her hair looks so greasy and flat.

The new My Little Pony Equestria Girls minis are out, too. To me they are more adorable than the dolls, haha.

I found this brochure of Brother sewing products at the book store.

I wonder when I can have my own sewing machine. Their cheapest machine costs around P10,000.00. Sigh.

I bought a cheap Vespa scooter for P25. It looks promising.

I took this while waiting at the car wash.

It says on the back that there is assembly required. This is not true. Maybe the original scooter needs assembly, but not this cheap Vespa!

Look, I can even flip the top of the seat up, and the stand at the rear wheel also works! I didn't need to use the mini screw driver or the extra wheels for it. It's good to go as it is!

It lacks a lot of detailed painting, but I'm OK with it. Sadly this is not 1:6 scale. More like 1:12 but I'm pretty pleased with this miniature scooter!

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