Sunday, April 10, 2016

What's In The Bag?

Yesterday I was feeling crafty so I made head bands for my dolls. I forgot to take photos of them after I was done, so that would be for another entry.

Anyway, I went to my new place and brought some stuff over. Then I picked up a few items from there. Afterwards, I got hungry, so on my way home, I stopped by a local shopping centre to grab something to eat. I also thought of going to this centre because I want to visit a shop there selling pre-loved items from Japan, including toys.

I've been to this place before, but I was in a hurry so I wasn't able to look around that long. This time, I checked almost everything. There are some nice things in there but the price wasn't good enough for me.

I was about to leave when I spotted a clear plastic bag filled with stuff. What stood out for me is a green item that resembles a doll hanger. I asked the attendant if I could check the bag up close.

Took this photo in the car because I was that excited.

There's the doll hanger at the bottom of the bag. I checked the other stuff inside and soon realised that I had to get it. I asked for the price...

... and the attendant told me it's P75. DEAL! 
Here is what's inside the bag:

Four Takara doll stands, three clip on Barbie hangers, one green Barbie hanger, a doll sack of rice, and plastic carrots inside a small mesh bag! 

Red Ranger was quick to model the doll stand on my dash. Red Ranger and I have been apart for a while and I want to give him new hands soon, so he is one of the items I picked up from my place!

This kind of stand secures a doll by the calves. I just slip the doll legs through the stand in a certain manner and the doll would stay there in place.

At home, I wanted to try out the doll stands using different dolls. Of course, Licca (far right) passed the doll stand test like a champ. Her dad, Pierre, can also use it, but Licca is still my first choice for this kind of acrylic stand.

Next to Pierre is Barbie Film Director Nikki. If her knee joints were loose, she wouldn't be able to stand at all. She would just fall face down.

Anna in a Liv doll body is next to Nikki, and her calves are quite big for the stand. Because of her calves, her legs tend to go forward and her feet couldn't stay flat. I had to bend her knees a little so she could maintain her balance.

The one wearing the zebra hat is Pinkie Cooper. I had to bend her knees so she could use this stand. This is also the case for the tall blonde, Moxie Girlz Avery.

Dawn, in the black polka dot dress with ribbon trim, can use this stand just fine.

I tried a Barbie Twist and Turn body with articulated knees on the stand as well. I had to fix the knees first before I could make the doll balance.

Howleen's calves are quite big for the Takara stand, and her knee joints that are a bit loose make the task more challenging, but I managed.

I chose Cleo to represent Monster High in this stand test because her knee joints are quite tight. I found out that her calves are too big for the stand just like Howleen's, so it's better to use stands that have a clamp on the waist area instead.

Jenny has no problem using the doll stand. She's after all a Takara doll. That hair though. Not even boil wash can take it down!

Pocahontas can use the doll stand too, but she is so tall for this kind of stand so she's a bit top heavy for it. Any slight movement to the box the dolls are standing on could make her topple down.

Now my two Liccas are using the stands, then Skooter uses the third one. The fourth one is now in storage. I am pretty pleased with them all.

Oh, by the way:

There must be a Carrot Man joke hidden in here somewhere, haha.

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