Friday, April 8, 2016

A Photo Dump! [Part 10]

I found another Licca (the one in the blue waitress uniform below) at the thrift store. It was an unexpected find because I didn't think I'd find a Takara doll at this particular store. Even if I already have a Licca doll, another one for a cheap price wouldn't hurt.

I brought her home, together with another find I'll talk about later, and I found out that my second Licca is a bit different from my first. You can't see it in the photo, but she has blonde hair that ends below her shoulders. Her skin tone is much lighter, and her arms are more bendable and posable.

On her back, if I'm not mistaken, the label is TOMY and not Takara.

The other doll I found with Licca the 2nd is a vintage Skooter doll from Mattel! She is Skipper's friend in the sixties, and I got her really cheap. Her face has freckles, and she has bangs. Her hair is quite frizzy but I managed to tie them into two pig tails, her signature hair style. She has a pink body with straight legs, and her feet are flat and slim. She has discolouration on her cheek and  small bite marks on her leg but I don't mind anymore. Her chest is flat so she could wear Daiso Elly-chan clothes and also Licca's clothing.

I thought it would be cute to dress them up in similar outfits. The hats are from 7-11 Paddington Bears.

I tidied up a bit to free some space on my desk. I selected a couple of dolls that would remain there while the others were bagged and stored in a plastic bin. Oh and that's my Peanuts placemat I bought at the toy store.

This is an old shelfie, by the way.

It's a bad photo, sorry. It's definitely cluttered. BUT I DIGRESS.

On the far left of my desk right now is Disney Pocahontas' gown. I found a 2010 Pocahontas doll (not in photo) wearing this dress, and I brought her home. I gave Pocahontas a boil wash, the first time I ever did a boil wash, but I still couldn't restore all her hair because the ends are scraggly, so I also gave her a trim. The dress form I'm using is another thrift store find, from a Tangled Rapunzel boutique set. I can actually put a doll head on the "neck knob" of the dress form, if I want to.

Next to the dress (which I removed for this photo) is Skooter. She is wearing a Licca dress. The colours of this dress reminds me of her stock outfit, so Skooter might be wearing this for a long while until I find her better clothing. 

My two Liccas (I really should give them names. Soon.) are still in Daiso outfits. I also found a Licca mini doll key chain which Licca the 1st is holding in her arms. The mini doll needs a touchup on her hair paint, but I can do that at a later time.

Attached on Skooter's shoulders is Slugger Doll Battie from Honey Hill Bunch

Battie has a similar face to Skooter, freckles and all, so they could play sisters. My two vintage Mattel dolls together!

Next is La Dee Da Sloane as Lollipop Swirl, and beside her are my two Frankies from Monster High, who are literally Frankendollies.

Skultimate Roller Maze Frankie has Cleo and Clawdeen arms, a Cleo leg, and I got her fake hands from an online seller. The gloved hands are supposedly Avea Trotter's. Her outfit consists of a purple knitted hat, a Monster High Physical Deaducation shirt, a Paddington Bear jacket, Cleo's Skull Shores pants, and Kenko World shoe charms. 

School's Out Frankie received an arm from my other Frankie, then her hands are from the same online seller. The hands are supposed to be Madeline Hatter's but the white polka dots on her gloves are fading. She is wearing a top hat I put together (that shouldn't be on her but I don't want to put the hat back in storage just yet), Classroom play set dress, an unbranded pink jacket, and shoes I made out of foam and a tongue depressor. I shall post about these shoes on a different entry.

Next are my only Ever After High dolls.

Hunter Huntsman with a Bratz foot and mismatched shoes, signature Kitty Chesire, and Madeline Hatter which I use photograph quite often for my blog. I talked about her outfit here. She is carrying a rubber bag charm, similar to the ones I posted about here. Her stand is made out of a jar lid, a balloon stick, and foam. The set up is a bit flimsy, but I still have a lot of balloon sticks so I'll keep using them when I make doll stands.

Beside Maddie is Freak du Chic Honey Swamp temporarily wearing a top hat because I didn't want to store the hat yet, and the sweater I made out of socks.

Next to Honey is Skutimate Roller Maze Clawdeen which I really like because of her soft purple hair with green streaks. She's wearing a very small crop top underneath the Paddington bear jacket, Betty Spaghetti Slumber Party pajamas, and unbranded pink sneakers. Her hands are bought online and I haven't identified whose pink hands are those yet.

And the last doll is Lollipop Girls Brigitte who I mistakenly identified as Cassie. I still call her Cassie to this day. She's wearing a Peruvian Barbie dress, and Winx Club Flora shoes. I still have to make her a lollipop she could hold. Her stand is also made of a jar lid, a thick balloon stick, and foam.

The rest of my dolls, nude and clothed, are now stored in a plastic bin. All of them have been bagged using thin plastic ice bags. I didn't put the lid of the bin tightly because I still want to check them all from time to time, to see if they are doing OK inside. I mean, with this kind of weather in the Philippines right now, I can get paranoid about the staining and the sticking. I only collect play line dolls so I think they can withstand this set up.

By the way,

I finally managed to photograph my bootleg Frozen Anna and Mattel Anna together!

Mattel Anna vs. bootleg Anna

They have similar moulds, but they only differ in the faceup. Bootleg here has a faded look to her, but her lips are much redder than Mattel Anna's. Mattel Anna has more detailed eyes and more prominent freckles. I like them both!

Ending this post with a bunch of dolls having spot treatment.


  1. Luv your skooter!
    So what's the spot treatment?

    1. It's just me trying to remove stains from the dolls using acne cream. I didn't use Benzac though; just an acne cream I found at Watson's. I didn't take before and after photos so I couldn't tell if the stains did lighten, but for the first few days I was able to get some stain off because the color of the cream changed from white to a little of the color of the stain. I got tired of doing it over and over so I stopped, haha. I'll do it next time.