Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thoughts About Collecting, and Nikki

A day or two ago, I decided to make a rough inventory of all the dolls I have acquired and refine my wish lists, and in the process I've slimmed down what I want to keep collecting. So far I want to keep collecting (thrifting) Monster High and Ever After High dolls. Those are my priorities. Then if I find more La Dee Das, Takara dolls, Novi Stars, Disney princesses and boy fashion dolls that appeal to me, I might take them in. Then I also would like one doll from each line I like, which is like more than ten dolls, haha. There's no end to my doll journey just yet!

Shocker that I don't have Barbie up there, but I still want to get a few items from this line. Like, I have two Nikkis now. 

A photo I showed to my friend, on our quest to find an inexpensive fully articulated Nikki.

Left: Career of The Year Film Director Nikki
Right: unknown belly button Nikki with flat feet

Notice that Film Director Nikki has bigger eyes than random Nikki. And some talcum powder took care of the greasy hair caused by glue seepage. The weather right now might make the situation worse, I had to take action, you know. Haha.

By the way,  I did find a fully articulated Nikki before but I let her go. That was the time I wasn't really interested in Nikki and didn't know my friend wanted it. Drat.

Maybe this will become a collection, too? I don't know. I also want a Life In The Dream House Midge because the Steffie mold looks gorgeous with Midge's red hair. Someday, someday...

By the way, I asked my sister if she could buy a Made To Move yellow top doll (Asha). I might receive it next month or June, I don't know. I hope she can get more than one yellow top doll for me because I have plans. Hmm...


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    1. I think my sister is getting me one. She's coming back to Manila from NYC soon. I'm pretty excited to see Asha because I've only seen the other MTM dolls up close.