Sunday, April 17, 2016

Zombie Alice preview

Today I looked up Once Upon A Zombie on Google and found this from mommyandgracieshow:

They finally have Zombie Alice and the newly dressed Zombie Cinderella and Zombie Sleeping Beauty. Now the question is, where is my Alice doll?? :(

I want to see if there have been changes to the final design of Zombie Alice, so I'm bringing up my old comparison of the old Alice prototypes:

and one thing I noticed is that Zombie Alice now is missing her heart and spade hair accessories.


Again, where's my doll, OUAZ???


  1. Whaattt?? You mean to say up to this time QUAZZ has not yet awarded you YOUR PRIZE?!!! Maybe the contest is just a gimmick to attract collectors, you know, promotion. I hope not...

    1. I hope so too. I found out mommyandgracieshow received the new dolls from OUAZ this month, but they haven't reviewed them, I think. Its so sad that they get the dolls before us who were promised to receive the dolls first.