Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Doll Bingo

I stumbled upon frostedmintdolls' post about doll bingo and found their bingo cards pretty relatable, so I tried playing it.

Here is Doll Bingo card no. 1:

And this is my own result:

  1. Dolls from 2+ Other Countries - Well, I have a lot of American dolls, but I also have a collection of Takara dolls and Daruma dolls (Japan), a Sindy doll (United Kingdom), and an unidentified doll from Hong Kong. I don't give much thought about where all my dolls come from, so these are all the countries that came to my mind easily.
  2. Multiples of The Same Character - Oh this is normal with Monster High dolls. I have multiples of Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen and Lagoona. Then I also have two Licca dolls, and authentic and bootleg dolls of Anna from Frozen.
  3. Doll Representing Someone Age 30+ - According to the Takara Tomy website, Pierre Miramonde is thirty six years old. So yes, I have a doll who's in their thirties.
  4. Doll with 14+ joints - Liv dolls have 14 points and I have used two of them for re-bodying two Disney heads. My Power Ranger is not a fashion doll but his points of articulation are much higher than 14.
  5. Own 100+ Dolls - Nope I don't think I have that many. Maybe more than fifty but doesn't exceed a hundred. I haven't really counted them all.
  1. Doll with Animal Aspects / Anthro -  Oh yes, I have Pinkie Cooper, an I Love VIP Pets hybrid,  a custom cow child,  and isn't a My Little Pony Equestria Girls doll an anthro, too?
  2. Have A Romantic Pairing - I have Deuce Gorgon (which I have yet to photograph) and Cleo de Nile and they're official.
  3. Paid * For Single Doll (*$300+ USD for plastic, *$900+ USD for resin/porcelain) - Never did. Never will.
  4. Bought A Doll Only For Its Clothing - I don't think I have done this. I mean, my clone Betty Teen doll came with an outfit which proved to be useful when my Sindy doll came along, so clone Betty has no clothes now, and is even body-less. But I never bought her for her outfit. I really thought she has a charming face despite her hollowness.
  5. Anime-style Doll - I have Pretty Cure Mini Cure Black. And I also have another Pretty Cure doll to be discussed in an upcoming post.
  1. Period Clothing -  I don't really have a thing for stuff like this. 
  2. Doll In Likeness of Real Person - Oh I wish I have one.
  3. Keeping a Doll NRFB (Not Removed From Box, in doll collecting lingo) - I still have my Princess Malucia in box so that counts.
  4. Doll With Wings - I think my Twilight Sparkle doll should have wings, but when I found her she didn't have them, so yeah, I don't qualify for this category. 
  1. Doll Older Than You - Pretty sure my vintage dolls like Dawn, Sindy, Skooter and Dazzle are older than me.
  2. Been To Meet-Up or Convention - Meetup, no. Convention, yes.
  3. 2+ Dolls Who Are Related - Clawdeen and Howleen, Pierre and Licca, and I'd like to think that Rapunzel and Anna are related because of Elsa.
  4. Have Bought Miniature Props - Yes, many times at the thrift store!
  5. Blog About Dolls - Well, you're on my toy blog right now, haha.
  1. Doll Kept From Childhood - Sadly I don't have any doll left from my childhood. I addressed this on my Liebster award post.
  2. Have Pre-ordered a Doll - Nope. I've never done this.
  3. Own Doll Furniture - Yes, I do. I have a small collection of doll chairs.
  4. Have Gotten Someone Else In To The Hobby - Yes! I have influenced an old friend to collect dolls. She told me my posts on Facebook about my custom Hit Girl doll stirred something in her that made her want to pursue her dream of having a collection of Barbies she can dress up and play with. We now normally tag each other about dolls when we browse doll selling groups.
  5. Subscribe To/Visit Often An Official Doll Brand Social Media - On Twitter, I follow Once Upon A Zombie. On Facebook, I follow Once Upon A Zombie, Barbie Philippines, Ever After High Philippines, Middle School Moguls, Zeenie Dollz, Sindy, Tonner, Lottie and Mystixx (but it's a dead page now). On Instagram, I follow Once Upon A Zombie, Monster High and Barbie.

Frostedmintdolls also has a Doll Bingo card for doll customizers:

I think I did poorly:

  1. Rerooted A Doll - Yes. I did with my custom Hit Girl, a Draculaura and now my bootleg Snow White, which I haven't finished. I also failed at rerooting this Bratz Babyz doll head with yarn.
  2. Added A Tattoo - No.
  3. Made Doll Shoes - Yes.
  4. Added Inset Eyes To A Vinyl Head - No. I don't feel the need to cut up a decent doll head just so I could modify its eyes.
  5. Resculpted / Modified a Face Sculpt - I don't think I can do this because I don't even have the necessary materials and tools to do so.
  1. Used Decals - No.
  2. Made A Wig - No.
  3. Sold Your Work - No.
  4. Modified A Doll For Better Posing - No.
  5. Built Doll Furniture - Yes, I did.
  1. Hybridized Parts From 2+ Different Bodies - No.
  2. Added Rooted Eyelashes - No.
  3. Made Clothing From A Sock - Yes!
  4. Rerooted With A Natural Fiber - No.
  1. Shrunk A Head - Never. I don't feel the need to do so.
  2. Transplanted Hair From One Doll To Another - Never did.
  3. Made Doll Eyes - No.
  4. Permanently Removed or Added Body Parts - I did try to complete Ari Roma by giving Barbie hands to her, but I don't really think that's adding body parts to doll. I was just replacing what was missing.
  5. Put A Big Head On A More Inscale Body - Nope.
  1. Sculpted A Doll From Scratch - Nope, never. I imagine this to be very time-consuming!
  2. Customisation To Represent An Injury (Scars, Gore Mods, etc.) - Nope.
  3. Made Miniature Props - Yes!
  4. Repainted A Doll - I did paint some of my custom dolls, but I never dare to try to change their faceup.
  5. Made Clothing From a Non-Fabric Material - I don't think I have.

So I'm really more of a doll collector than a doll customiser. Thank goodness, because I know how taxing doll customising can get.

Are you ready to play Doll Bingo, too?

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