Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Taking Doll Selfies

Yesterday evening I tried on some floral outfits on Rapunzel and Anna and tried taking photos of them a la selfie. It was quite difficult to get that certain angle and lighting, but I know I'll get better.

Lots of shadows due to poor lighting, and you could see the mess that is my bed, haha.

With flash. Rapunzel's hair strand all over Anna's face.

What is Rapunzel holding for her hands to look like this? A 48 (doll) inch tablet?? Haha.

And you could still see my orange bath towel in the background.

I really like Anna's expression here. She looks so coy.

Rapunzel looking up. No the camera is not up there, girl.

On Rapunzel:
Mattel Happy Family top worn by Midge's grandma
Barbie pink skirt

On Anna:
Takara white fringed coat
Barbie fashion pack blue floral dress

Anna mugging the camera.

I really wish I have a Mattel Frozen Elsa head and a spare Liv body, so that Elsa could play their other sister.

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