Monday, June 27, 2016

The Dead and Undead

I gotta welcome the newest member of my doll collection. Drum roll, please...

Bootleg Zombie Rapunzel (left) presents... Zombie Alice from Once Upon A Zombie!! She's finally home with me! More details about her arrival, unboxing and my thoughts of the doll on a later post.

Heh, they're standing on my laptop with a New Moon skin. I badly needed a laptop skin and happened to find this one at a bookstore for P50. It's a very good deal! And I like Taylor Lautner, ok. He's a nice dude.

YAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!! For now, Bootleg Zombie Rapunzel, Zombie Alice and Spectra are hanging out on the dusty top of my book shelf. Zombies and ghost, yeah. (Wait, why didn't I put Ghoulia next to the zombie girls instead of Spectra? Oh right, that's because I haven't fixed my only Ghoulia doll yet. Next time...)

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