Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ever Gotesco High

I found clones of Ever After High's Getting Fairest dolls at my local Ever Gotesco department store, hence the title of this blog entry. Haha.


For reference, I'm including a stock photo of the Getting Fairest dolls.

If you couldn't tell, the clone dolls have Monster High bodies.

This is clone Briar Beauty. I think her look is the closest to the original. I would have gotten her if only I had a budget for two dolls, but I didn't.

Clone Maddie's skin tone is much darker, and she's just as tall as the other clone dolls, which is off-character.

Clone Apple's hair looks messy and she seems to have two variants: orange top, and pink top.

I settled with clone Raven Queen because I like her character and her straight hair looks manageable.

She's home!

The back of the box.

Raven out of the box.

She's free, at last!

I have no authentic Raven Queen doll to compare with, so I couldn't tell if it's the same sculpt. All I know is that she's missing the white spots on her lips.

Bald spot, ahoy. Maybe I'll paint this black so it wouldn't be that visible.

I took of her clothes. I don't know if her hands are removable, but more likely that they might not be, so I'd rather not take the risk of breaking the hands off in the process of finding out.

For a bootleg doll, her body is sturdy. There are visible and rough seams on her body, but I don't mind.

Here she is with my clone Frankie (with hands I fixed). Raven's quality is much better than Frankie's, for sure.

I'm satisfied with clone Raven. Cheers!

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